Pure sine wave built-in mppt charge controller inverter
Auto restart while AC is recovering
90~280V AC Wide input voltage
Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
Parallel operation with up to 6 units
Scalable and Adaptable to suit needs
Supports 3 Phase



LPBF Series 48V

Deep cycle charge and discharge
Iron phosphate-lithium power battery
Higher energy density, smaller volume for household
Support connected in parallel mode for expansion
Photovoltaic system: This battery pack is designed for household photovoltaic systems
Battery Management system (BMS): This battery packs built-in BMS monitors its operation and
prevents the battery from operating outside design limitations
Wall mounted or Stackable

Enjoy these amazing benefits

Price and quality

We offer the best prices in the market for good excellent quality kit. Your product is locally supported.

Back-up Power (UPS System)

No need for a large solar installation, with our solution you can run most of your house / office off a battery and inverter. When the grid is off you use the charge in your battery to power your house / office. When the grid is back on you recharge your battery and ready for the next load shedding or transmission breakdown. Life goes on as normal and you can work and play!


You can go from a back-up or UPS based system and upgrade the system to carry your full power load. Done multiples of the same battery and inverter set-up to 30kVA power demand, with up to 60kWh in standby LifePo4 standby battery power.


Our hybrid system allows you to 1) add solar panels to charge your batteries, 2) link to the grid to charge the batteries or 3) in the absence of grid to make use of a generator to charge the batteries or provide back-up power via the same system. This give you full design capabilities to customize your demand and supply for your particular area of living / operation. The inverter software is able to set your priority in supply to allow you to make use of your post cost effective or reliable energy source.


No registration required. You are not touching the grid or feeding back into the grid. Your grid is now your back-up generator when needed to charge your batteries, when your solar charge is not enough for your power demand. You can bypass the system too to make use of the grid when needed in case of breakdowns.

Invest in yourself

Noting worse than paying for unreliable power and having to second guess your supply. UPS  Systems are expensive, but worth it in term of flexible working / living and gives you bragging rights while everyone is falling around in the dark.

Add solar panels into the mix and you now have a more expensive investment, but with a real payback: 1) Your $ investment gives you an hedge against our ZAR and 2) against ESKOM and the municipal inflation creep on electricity.