No more grid dependency

Standby power to complete grid independence. Power your home, office or business with our solar, inverter and battery storage solution. Now you can beat load shedding or upgrade your system to go off the grid.

Innovative Products

Inverter & Battery

Our hybrid inverter converts DC power from your solar panels to useable AC power for your home. Or it can charge your batteries from the grid or generator when there is not enough sunlight. It is a very safe system that is not connected to the grid.

LifePO4 batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) give you the best energy density for your power storage needs. They are neatly wall mounted to stackable. A 10 year design life gives you ample return on investment and payback on your system. Your battery back-up ties you over as an energy source during load shedding for an UPS (uninterruptible power supply) set-up or  becomes your main back-up power source once there is not enough sunlight from your solar panels to supply the power demand to your house / office.

Residential & Commercial

No more noise or smelly diesel fumes! Inverter demand capacity of 5kVA units. Allows you to parallel up to 6 units for 30kVA demand.  Battery capacity in 7.5 & 10 kWh units. Parallel up to 6 units to supply up to 60kWh.  Scalable modules gives you the opportunity to grow from a standby UPS system to a fully powered solar plant, with the option to charge from the grid or a generator.



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Engineer in a white helmet. Man near solar panel.

"Great quality kit at the best price out there!"

Louw Smit Eng

"All the functionality needed at an affordable price"

Deon Liebenberg Eng

"Finally a solution at a cost to make home working pay for itself!"

Monti Abrahams


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